• After School Class: Secret Spy School

    After School Class: Secret Spy School

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    Secret Spy School (SSS)

    Session 4: February 12 - March 21 (5 weeks)

    Instructors: Ms. Marla Griffey & Ms. Mona Kellogg

    Day of the Week: Wednesday

    Campus: River Ranch

    Grades: PK3 - Kindergarten

    Begins: at dismissal in Carline

    Ends: 3:30 PM in Carline

    Grab your magnifying glass, spy gadgets, and coat, it's time to solve some mysteries! Enroll in Secret Spy School, the SSS, and you will go undercover to complete TOP SECRET training and missions. After receiving certified SSS spy credentials (complete with secret agent name), training will begin. Enjoy cracking secret codes, dusting for fingerprints, walking the wire, navigating the laser sensors, walking the wire, and solving mysteries! Spy snacks will be provided.







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