• After School Class: Easter Hunts

    After School Class: Easter Hunts

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    This class is at capacity. 

    Easter Hunts

    Session 5: March 26 - May 9 (6 weeks)*

    Instructor: Mrs. Marla Griffey & Mrs. Jennifer Loupus

    Day of the Week: Thursday

    Campus: River Ranch

    Grades: PK3 - Kindergarten

    Begins: at dismissal in Carline

    Ends: 3:30 PM in Carline

    Each week we will go on a hunt to find different surprises as we make special snacks, play games, and craft Easter keepsakes. Find the Easter Bunny's missing basket. Follow the carrot clues or go on a quest to find the Giant Egg. There will be many exciting stops along the egg trail. The week before Easter Break we will have a traditional Easter Egg Hunt, and the week after we will have one final hunt searching for jewels, buttons, and beads to put on our wooden decoupage crosses.

    *There are only 5 occurrences of this class. There will be no class on May 9, 2019. 

    This class is limited to 20 students. 




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