• After School Class: After School Track Team

    After School Class: After School Track Team

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    After School Track Team

    Dates: March 26 - May 1 (5 weeks)

    Day of Each Week: Wednesday

    Grades: 1 - 5

    Begins: at dismissal in the gym

    Ends: 3:30 PM in Carline B

    Each student who registers will have the opportunity to represent Ascension at the Parish track meets held at Lafayette High School. Coach Chaney and Coach Sciambra will teach students the basics of track and field to then compete against athletes from other schools.

    The meets are on Saturdays beginning at 9:00 AM lasting until 2:00 PM. Students will be placed in groups according to their ages. Ribbons are given to athletes who finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in EACH individual heat. Although we encourage them to participate in all events, students are allowed to select their own races and/or field events. We understand many of our students participate in baseball and soccer and might not be able to attend all or part of a meet. We have no problem with an athlete missing for any reason. This year’s schedule is listed below.

    Saturday, March 30 @ Lafayette High - Parish Meet

    Saturday, April 13 @ Lafayette High - Parish Meet

    Saturday, April 27 @ Lafayette High - Parish Meet



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